Blockade Runners to Spain Memorial, Glasgow

Photograph courtesy of Craig McLean and not to be reproduced without his permission.

Unveiled in March 2019

After fifteen years of hard work by Glasgow RMT Shipping Branch, a memorial to the British seafarers who broke the fascist blockade of ports during the Spanish Civil War was unveiled in Glasgow on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

The memorial on the Clyde is dedicated to the seafarers who broke Franco’s blockade of Republican ports. Thirty-five merchant navy and eight Royal Navy seafarers died and scores were injured on vessels attacked by submarine, naval and aerial forces under fascist control between 1936-38. This memorial to seafarers stands as renewed testimony to the importance of international solidarity in the face of fascist aggression.

The memorial is on the Clyde walkway next to the Jamaica Street bridge and was unveiled by RMT Glasgow Shipping Branch members.