Mark has written much over the years about workers, trade unions and labour movement history. Just click on the links and images below to read some of his recent material. Your comments and questions are always welcome.

1842 Blood on the streets of Halifax


Salt Mining



Unite the union ~ Book of the Month


This months Book of the Month celebrates the work of a wonderful Lakeland photographer.


Rebel Road celebrates trade union and labour movement heroes that have been publicly recognised in one form or another such as a statue, plaque or building named after them. Click on the image above to find out more.


The Landworker is another publication which Mark has written for, for many years. The Landworker is produced by Unite the Union. Unite’s Landworker is a dedicated newspaper for rural, agricultural and food workers. The Landworker deals with all aspects of food production and distribution as well as looking at key agricultural issues.



Luke Agnew, my work in a cemetery 

My booklets for Unite Education department on the 1889 Great Dock Strike, Tom Jones, Julia Varley, Tony Hall and Benny Rothman

Fears for peace in Colombia