Mark Metcalf has become a prolific writer, and has now published more football books about the pre-WW1 era that anyone else.

Below are examples of some of his best books – click on the images to discover more about them and how you can purchase a copy.

Fred Spiksley ~ £19.99 (free P+P)

More of Mark’s books on FOOTBALL

Booklets for Unite Education department on Tom Jones, the 1889 Great Dock Strike, Julia Varley, Tony Hall and Benny Rothman

Edward McHugh – radical trade unionist

Mohammad Taj: Steering from the front 

Images of the Past: the Miners’ Strike

if you buy one book on the strike buy this one (Daily Mirror)

Jack Cornish – how I am helping a young North East award winning author

Ellen Strange

Betty Tebbs – a radical working-class hero

Betty Gallacher – Standing up for all workers

Charlie Hurley – the greatest centre half the world has ever seen