Mark Metcalf has become a prolific writer, and has now published more football books about the pre-WW1 era that anyone else.
Fred Spiksley ~ £12.99 (free P+P) – paperback edition due in April 2021
More of Mark’s books on FOOTBALL
Anti-Nazi League – a Critical Examination 1977-81/2 and 1992-5
Betty Gallacher – Standing up for all workers

Betty was recently interviewed for 20 minutes by Sarah Gorrell on BBC Radio Sussex : listen to this interview

Listen to Betty Gallagher podcast

Betty Tebbs – a radical working-class hero
Betty Tebbs, a radical working class hero – online talk by Mark Metcalf, 20.5.20
Booklets for Unite Education department on Tom Jones, the 1889 Great Dock Strike, The Great Yarmouth Dockers, Julia Varley, Tony Hall and Benny Rothman
Charlie Hurley – the greatest centre half the world has ever seen
Disabled football fans organise
Edward McHugh – radical trade unionist
Ellen Strange
The Hod Carrier Book

Stanley Taggart : an ordinary man who helped make it an extraordinary day

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Images of the Past: the Miners’ Strike

if you buy one book on the strike buy this one [Daily Mirror]

Jack Cornish – how I am helping a young North East award winning author
Mohammad Taj: Steering from the front 
Sean McGovern: A Trade Union Champion For Disabled People
Listen to Mark being interviewed about his UNITE publications (and the documentary) in a 2019 interview on Halifax community radio station Phoenix Radio