Mark has been writing for the Big Issue North for many years now and most of the articles here are from that popular magazine.

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Bradford City Fire Survivor

Airlines Aerotoxins

Durham Mining Museum

From Jarrow to Orgreave by Dave Temple*

*Reproduced with kind permission of Dave Temple this article was published in the 2017 Durham Miners’ Gala brochure, and is not to be republished without written permission.

Watch the The Mass Trespass of 1932 documentary (13 mins)

Community Rebuilds Grimsby

the Colin Roach Centre

Hackney Community Defence Association (HCDA)

a Trade Union approach to Access for People with Disabilities

the Trafalgar Square Defendants’ Campaign

Red Star Archive

Anti-Nazi League – a Critical Examination 1977-81/2 and 1992-5


School Accounts investigation

Hearth and Homes

Ellen Strange: The Light that Still Burns

How the oldest domestic violence memorial site in the world is inspiring the current generation of campaigners and survivors who are tackling the problem today. 

Bittersweet Brexit

Read Charlie Clutterbuck‘s book Bittersweet Brexit: the Future of Food Farming, Land and Labour here

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