Book Reviews

The following is based on what was originally the Book of the Month at Unite Education – a project that ran from mid 2013 to early 2018.

On May Day 2020, a book- (and film-) categories recommendations section was started and is being added to on a regular basis

Book categories:

Agriculture and rural communities
Feminist literature (recommended titles)
Finance and economics including British economy
Published by Unite Education
Spanish Civil War
Ten books for left-leaning economics students
Ten books for left-leaning politics students
The British State 
Workers struggles including Miners’ Strike 1984/85
Workplace Occupations
A note to these links

If you can, please buy titles from progressive/trade union organised bookshops

The book-links used on these pages are all to This is purely for bibliographical detail about the books, and in no way an endorsement to use Amazon for purchase. Sadly, there is not the time to keep regularly updating the lists so a potential buyer can get them from a progressive/trade union organised bookshop.

If you are keen and willing to take the time purchasing books from such shops then we would recommend the following:-

  1. Trade unions are recognised by Waterstones bookseller chain.
  2. News from Nowhere, Liverpool   0151 708 7270
  3. Housmans, Kings Cross, London 020 7837 4473
  4. Lighthouse Bookshop, Edinburgh 0131 662 9112
  5. Bookmarx, Central London
  6. The Bookcase, Hebden Bridge 01422 845353
  7. Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham
  8. Left on the Shelf, Kendal 01539 729599
  9. Dreadnought Books, Bristol  01539 729599
  10. October Books, Southampton   0203 8058 1030
  11. Newham Bookshop    020 8852 9993
  12. The Bookshop, East Grinstead       01342 322669
  13.  Printed Matters Bookshop, Hastings    01424 440466