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Rough Jersey is a collaboration of  sports writers, journalists, and filmmakers, which was formed to create discourse through films analysing historical and contemporary subjects in the world of sport, politics, and social affairs…
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Betty Tebbs, a radical working class hero – online talk by Mark Metcalf, 20.5.20
Care Home Manager interview for Big Issue North Magazine 2 June 2020
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Oral history with the Unite History Project 

No Pasarán! – A Tribute to James Alwyn

James Alwyn was one of several volunteers from Bolton that traveled to Spain to take up the fight for democracy against fascism.  This short film shows how the people of Bolton honour the memory of James, and the many others like him.

Find out more about the British and Irish volunteers 

Edward McHugh: rediscovering a lost working class hero 

The successful work of Unite rep Luke Agnew from Wallasey for a new headstone to Edward McHugh, an inspirational dockworkers organiser, has been captured in a short film. 

Irishman Edward McHugh, co-founder of the National Union of Dock Labourers led long, bitter, successful strikes in Glasgow and Liverpool in 1889 and 1890 respectively.  Earlier he led a Land League mission to the Scottish Highlands  where he helped direct the nascent crofters’ agitation. McHugh later settled down in Birkenhead but in the 1890s he spent time in New York City where he organised the American Longshoreman’s Union and preached Henry George’s gospel that the unequal distribution of land lay behind all social ills.

Bittersweet Brexit: the Future of Food, Farming, Land and Labour

Charlie Clutterbuck explains how and why we should grow more food locally whilst also outlining how switching public funds away from land owners towards labour would create tens of thousands of rural jobs, thus reviving rural communities