Workplace reps, induction, Liverpool

Mark speaks to workers and trade unionists.



The blue plaque at Benny Rothman’s residence. Benny’s inspirational leadership helped walkers throughout the land and resulted in the Right to Roam legislation which forced landowners to grant access to the land. Walkers, runners and cyclists have much to thank Benny for. Read more about Benny by clicking on the image above.


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Ebenezer Elliott, Rotherham

Joseph Rayner Stephens plaque and memorial, Stalybridge

The Battle of Bexley Square – Salford in October 1931
Stalybridge and the 1842 General Strike plaque
Mechanics’ Institute – Princess Street, Manchester
Darwen Street, Blackburn – a plaque commemorates local textile workers killed in 1842
Michael Davitt – Haslingden memorial
Derby Silk Strike Centenary, Honouring the Derby Silk Workers
Spanish Civil War Plaques, the International Brigade
The Great Strike at Penrhyn Quarry
Micky Fenn, trade unionist
Julia Varley, trade unionist and suffragette
The Chartist sculpture and plaque, Newport
Thomas Spence,  land reformer & political activist
Tom Maguire, pioneer socialist & trade unionist
Alice Wheeldon, peace activist, socialist and suffragette
Mary Barbour, one of Govan’s great working class heroes
Thomas Cooper, Chartist
Ernest Bevin, giant of the Labour movement
Tom Mann, one of Britain’s greatest trade unionists
International Workers Memorial in Bathgate, West Lothian
Caroline E.D. Martyn, early trade union organiser
Sidney and Beatrice Webb,  socialists, researchers and authors
Female Union Society, inscribed stone Ramsbottom
Andrew Hardie and John Baird, radical reformists, Stirling
Eleanor Marx, Brighton
The Bristol Bus Boycott, Bristol
Anti Apartheid plaque, Jack Jones House Liverpool
Benny Rothman, Timperley
Robert Tressell, Pembroke Place, Liverpool
Newry Dock Strike

Annie Kenney – Oldham, Lancashire
Lydia Ernestine Becker, Chadderton, Oldham
Joseph Burgess, Failsworth, Oldham
Peterloo, Manchester
The International Brigade, photo album
Samuel Plimsoll, the trade unionist who improved health and safety at work
Gerrard Winstanley, Wigan

Mary Ann Mercer, Birkenhead

Sheila McKechnie

Mary Gawthorpe, Leeds

Josiah Heapy, Burslem 1842 

Joan Maynard, Sowerby 1921 – 1998 

Friction Dynamics, 2001-2003 



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