Donors 1999-2000

All these donors have paid the Labour Party more than £5,000:

Paul Adamson – Jon Aisbitt
Demetrios Apostolou
Lord Alex Bernstein
Professor S.K. Bhattacharyya
Robert Bourne

Jimmy Boyle
John Boyle 

Melvyn Bragg
David J.B. Brown, Multidrive Ltd
Leslie Butterfield
City Grove Leisure plc
Leonard Collinson, Newsco Publications

Felix Dennis

James G. Duncan
Eastern Group
Dr Chris Evans
Audrey Eyton  

Lord Gavron
Lord Grantchester, Millionaire dairy farmer
Sally Greene – Ruth Harding
Lord Chris Haskins
William Haughey
Mick Hucknall
Isaac Kaye
Clive W. Leach
Frank Lowe
Christopher Mackenzie

Alan McGee – Robert Murray
Gulam Noon

Vision Posters
Dr Chai Patel 

Ian Skelly
Professor Alec Reed

Gerry Robinson
Lord Sainsbury
SLP Investments Ltd
Neil Tennant

Peter J. Thompson
Henry Tinsley

Tinsley Foods Ltd
Moni Varma

Veetee Rice Company
Robert A. Wann, former Leicester councillor and Chair of Leicester Police Authority
Sprintinca (Peter Coates)
J. Barbour & Sons – the posh coat manufacturers
James Fisher & Sons