Donors 2000-2001

All these donors have paid the Labour Party more than £5,000:

Duncan Bannatyne

Margaret Barbour
Professor John Beddington
Lord Bernstein

Lord Mitchell
Professor S.K. Bhattacharya
Bill Bottriell – Capital & Provident
Lindley Catering Investments
Gordon Crawford – Caparo Industries
Cynthia Goldman

Bruce Jarvis
Derek Johnson

John Reid
Christopher Mackenzie

Gerry Robinson

Felix Dennis –

Ruth Harding
Michael Frayn

Adrian Friend
Lord Haskell

Lord Haskins
Sir Maurice Hatter

Tom Hunter
William Haughey

Mick Hucknall
Lord Joffe

Isaac Kaye
Sir Frank Lowe – SLP Investments
Peter Shalson

Barry Townsley
Henry Tinsley

Peter J. Thompson
Sir Sigmund Sternberg

G. Wright
Michael V. Sternberg

Neil Tennant