Donors and Sponsors 2001

With the introduction of the Electoral Commission in February 2001, there is now much more access to the details of large donations to the Labour Party. Conversely, some of the really big donors appear to have rushed to get their money in before they needed to be listed, so the figures are unusually small for a pre-election period. The details of some of these ‘missing’ donors were released in September 2001.

The biggest donor of the year was Lord David Sainsbury, who gave £2 million to the Labour Party in January 2001, and again in December 2001, making a total of £9 million in 5 years.

March 2001

Jonathan Altaras (celebrity agent) Gave £1,500
William Bottreill (recruitment company S3) Gave £2,000
Lord Chris Haskins Gave £10,000
Graham Jones Gave £5,050
Alexandra Marks (Partner at Linklaters law firm) Gave £1,300
Joan Morgan Gave £4,000
Lord Joel Joffe Gave £10,000
Christopher Ondaatje Gave £1,200

Lord Swarj Paul Gave £10,000
Alec Reed Gave £10,000
John Reynolds Gave £4,000
Vanni Treves Gave £1,600
David Yallop Gave £2,000
Engineering and Maritime Training Authority Gave £5,875
Law Business Research Ltd Gave £1,500
Richalis Ltd (software company) Gave £8,000
Robert Wann Gave £5,000
Ruobal Properties Ltd (landlords) Gave £4,000
UPS (UK) Ltd Gave £17,625
Price Waterhouse Cooper (as workers’ salaries) Gave £22,958

May 2001

Alan Sugar Gave £200,000
Sir Sigmund Sternberg Gave £100,000
Geraldine Jeffrey Gave £12,000
Charles Peel Gave 6-figure sum
Gerry Robinson Gave £20,000
Ruth Harding Gave £6,000
Tim Waterstone Gave £12,000
Lakshmi Mittal Gave £125,000
Christopher Ondaatje Gave £100,000
Michael Frayne, writer Gave £10,000

June 2001

Tom Hunter Gave £100,000
Gulam Noon Gave £100,000
James Boyle Gave £5,500
Sir Ronald Cohen Gave £100,000
Len Collinson Gave £6,600
Tony and Rita Gallagher Gave £9,999.98
Lord Haskell Gave £6,000

Eddie Izzard Gave £10,000
Lord Mitchell Gave £25,000
Dr David Potter (Psion) Gave £90,000
Euan Snowie (Snowie Group) Gave £5,000

GMI Holdings (Peter Gilman) Gave £5,000
Sukhbinder SW Sandha Gave £10,000
Moni Varma Gave £10,000
Martin Webb Gave £1,500
Sunil Wickremeratne Gave £6,000
Richard Wilson (actor) Gave £6,500
Peter Thompson Gave £20,000
Lord Taylor Gave £2,000
Ballathie Estates Gave £25,000
Castle Point Heating & Gas Gave £6,500
CBA Enterprises Gave £2,500
De Brus Marketing Services Gave £3,000
Esson Properties Ltd Gave £5,000

Wales and West Passenger Trains Gave £1,500
John McInespie (lawyer) Gave £6,634
Brian Abbs (author) Gave £1,931.17
Fiona Bell (actress) Gave £7,000
Texacan Trousers Gave £2,000
Mirror Group Newspapers Gave £5,000
Maurice Millward (former Chairman of Millward Brown) Gave £1,500
Leo Abse & Cohen (solicitors) Gave £2,100
Highgate Beds Gave £2,000
Delta Cloud Ltd Gave £2,000
Westmere Ltd Gave £2,000

Other donors include:
John O’Farrell (writer), Mr T Cooper, Richard Hunt, A Patel, Hannah Reed, Mr T Suliaman, Giles Wright

July / August 2001

Bloomberg UK plc Gave £17,625
Brunswick Gave £9,000
GMI Holdings (Peter Gilman) Gave £2,000
Sanderson Knight Properties Gave £1,500
Wiggins Group Gave £8,000
Dr Paul Drayson Gave £50,000
Cormac Hollingsworth (bond trader) Gave £2,000
Mohamed Ramzan Gave £2,000
Mrs C.D. Woodward Gave £10,000
H. Ennis Gave £3,000

September 2001

British Airways Gave £1,450
DLA Partners Gave £11,050
Independent News and Media Gave £25,000
Compaq Computers Ltd Gave £7,500
Lindley Catering Investments (Peter Coates) Gave £25,000
SEEBOARD plc Gave £8,700
Fiona Bell Gave £3,366
Christopher Ondaatje Gave £1,500
Russell Sullman, East London dentist Gave £1,500

November / December 2001

Lord David Sainsbury Gave £1,000,000
Airtours plc Gave £6,000
DLA Corporate Advisory Ltd Gave £5,554
Citigate Westminster Gave £16,161

Ortivus UK Ltd Gave £5,875
Peel Holdings plc Gave £5,287
Vauxhall Motors Ltd Gave £7,050
Charles Peel Gave £50,000

Sally Tan Gave £10,000
Barbara Follett Gave £3,000
Mr D. Barker Gave £1,750
D. Clayton-Jones Gave £2,000
Christopher Ondaatje Gave £1,000