Donors pre-1997

Donors and sponsors from before 1997 were not routinely revealed by the Labour Party. Donations to “blind trusts” set up to fund specific projects, were also not covered in the lists.

It was revealed in 1996 that £500,000 had been donated to Tony Blair’s private office (a blind trust) by a number of wealthy businessmen, who included Sir Trevor Chinn (now serving on the Cleaner Vehicles Task Force), Sir Emmanuel Kaye (who gave ‘about £50,000’), Lord Gavron and Lord Alex Bernstein.

Derek W. Johnson is Chairman and Managing Director of the shipping agency, JSA. Christopher Mackenzie is Head of European Operations, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, a large American investment firm. Barry Townsley is the millionaire owner of a stockbroking company.

Stephen Perry is the Managing Director of SLP Investments and London Export Ltd. He has made donations every year since 1997 through one of other of these companies. Lindley Catering Investments, owned by Peter Coates, have contracts with a very large number of Premier and Nationwide League football clubs.