In the early years of the millennium I worked with Ian Newton on a series of DUSTBINGATE scripts that were eventually optioned by Los-Angeles film-maker Joe Weiner – who later pulled out after he was persuaded by New Labour not to make the film during a period when Tony Blair was starting to lose working class votes and was also under pressure for taking Britain into an illegal war with George Bush Senior.

Ian had approached me after he saw the Red-Star-Research site (which will be going back up on this site in 2020) I was able to finance through donations from rank-and-file labour movement activists. This was a site on Labour’s links with big business and revealed just how Blair and Prescott and New Labour were run by the capitalist class. The site was incredibly popular and was used by many newspapers and so-called left wing journalists as a source of information for articles – none of which they ever credited.

In the next year or so I shall be writing a bit more about this, but for now here is the DUSTBINGATE book in pdf format plus a few articles that explains a small amount about this project…

(Prescott was later able to use legislation to persuade – it did not take much, mind – a number of papers to take archived earlier articles off their websites)

Ten books for left-leaning politics students