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Red Star Research was an investigative research group that turned the microscope on Tony Blair’s ‘New’ Labour Government (which was in power between 1997 and 2010) in its early years. It uncovered the details of the rich individuals who provided a rapidly increasing proportion of the Labour Party’s funding and it tracked the creation of a vast unelected framework of businessmen who were brought into the heart of Government.

The website was praised by visitors as diverse as Red Pepper (“highly recommended”), the Guardian politics website (“superb site”) and Class War (“excellent research”) The About Labour website gave it their “Best on the Net” award.

Between 1997 and 2001 Red Star Research undertook extensive research into the nature of New Labour’s links with big business and the rich: millionaire donors, corporate sponsors, Task Force members, PFI contractors. It followed the networks of wealth and power that encircled Tony Blair’s Labour Party.

What was produced was like a Who’s Who? Of the New Labour ‘Project.’ Red Star Research had the most comprehensive information about Labour’s links with business on the Net – it included the only complete and up-to-date listings of Labour Party donors and sponsors on-line. It had the most complete list of Government Special Advisors on the Net.

The aim was to provide a complete list of all Task Force members (with photos and backgrounds). In 2003 there were more than 1100 business representatives (and only 73 Trade Unionists!) on Labour-appointed Task Forces. The networks of influence were huge, wide-ranging, and constantly changing and Red Star Research managed for a number of years to track them all on-line.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to put this information back online in the summer of 2021.

It is free to use but please credit Mark Metcalf.

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