Sponsors 1998

Bergmans Defence Consultancy is part of the Northern Defence Initiative, a group of companies who provide services to the UK’s armed forces. Their clients include the UK Defence Forum, the military/political think tank.

BT’s board of Directors is full of Task Force members, including Chief executive Sir Peter Bonfield, who was paid £1,278,000 in 2000.

Matthew Freud is the millionaire head of Freud Communications, one of the most influential PR companies in London. He is friend of Peter Mandelson and Lord Alli

Novartis, the largest drug company in Europe, are based in Switzerland and are heavily involved in genetic research and GM foods. They are the world’s second largest seed producer. They also manufacture drugs, health foods, nutritional drinks, baby food, sweeteners and sugar-free sweets.

Raytheon Systems is a US arms manufacturer with an appalling industrial relations record in the US. In June 1999 they were awarded an £800 million contract from the MOD.

Lancashire Enterprises, based in Preston, Merseyside, Manchester, London and Brussels, count local and central Government among the list of clients for their management and property services company. In 1997, they provided an unpaid adviser, David Taylor, to John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister.

Geoffrey Robinson is the scandal-hit multi-millionaire businessman who was given the Government job of Paymaster General straight after the 1997 election. He resigned in 1998 when it was revealed that he had secretly lent £373,000 to Peter Mandelson.