the Colin Roach Centre

The Centre was officially set up on 12 January 1993, the tenth anniversary of Colin Roach’s death in the local police station.

Although not completely accurate, read this article in the Hackney Gazette in 2017 for more context

Despite numbering only a handful of activists the Colin Roach Centre members achieved a great deal of successes and some of these remain relevant to ongoing struggles.

Below are a number of booklets, newspapers and documents published between 1991 and 2001-02.

a Crime is a Crime is a Crime by Hackney Community Defence Association (HCDA) published ian 1991

On the Border of a Police State (HCDA,  1993)

Fighting to win – organising  your workplace (2000)

a Case for Trade Union Rank and File Resistance – the Hackney story (1994)

Up Against the Odds – JJ Fast Foods (2002)

Remember Kwanele Siziba (died in fear of immigration raid, April 1994; leaflet)

RPM magazines 1, 2 and 3

Rank and File or Broad Left: Democracy versus bureaucracy

Additional reading

Radical and Revolting: The English Working Class (2004)

the Persistence of Religious Ideas in the 21st century (2003)

Hackney TUSU Annual Report (1988-1990)

How to counter the rise of the BNP (2004)

an Analysis of the London Dockland Development Corporation (1992)

Hackney Union News