“Tickets for Dinners” 1999-2000

People or companies who have paid £5,000 or more to attend New Labour’s fundraising dinners. The list is largely devoted to PR and Lobbying companies, attending on behalf of undisclosed clients, including:

Brunswick group Ltd (PR) and Crag Group Ltd
GJW (Lobbyists, clients include BAA and Scottish Power)
GPC (Lobbyists, clients include Powergen, BT and BG. Derek Draper’s former company)
Finsbury (PR) and Grandified Public Affairs (Lobbyists)
Rapier Marketing Ltd (PR)

Other people on this list include donors like Isaac Kaye and Christopher Mackenzie. Brunswick PR donated a key employee to the Government to help work on the Financial Services and Markets Bill. The legislation will regulate business in the City – any inside information would have been very beneficial to Brunswick’s clients.

Paul Adamson
Butler Kelly Ltd, consultants
Citigate Public Affairs, PR company
Enron Europe Ltd
Finsbury Ltd, PR company
Haris Sophoclides – Glenyork Ltd
Kingfisher plc, owners of Woolworths, B&Q and Comet

Carole Stone
Swiss Life (UK) plc

Tesco plc
Zurich Financial Services (UKISA) Ltd