My booklets for Unite Education department

1925 Textile Workers Strike (UNITE the Union History Project booklet)

MOHAMMAD TAJ – Steering from the front


BENNY ROTHMAN –  a fighter for the right to roam, workers’ rights and socialism 

See also Mass Trespass documentary

TOM JONES –  a fighter for freedom and working people

JULIA VARLEY – Trade union organiser and fighter for women’s rights 

BETTY TEBBS – a radical working-class hero

Betty Tebbs - a radical working class hero

BETTY GALLACHER – Standing up for all workers

Betty Gallacher - standing up for all workers

TONY HALL: Trade unionist, anti-racist and radical cartoonist 


ELLEN STRANGE –  a moorland murder mystery explained 

Not a minute on the day, not a penny off the pay” – the 1926 Miners’ Lock Out and General Strike

The 1926 General Strike lasted 9 days and inspired millions of workers to back the TUC’s call for action to defend locked out coal-miners who were facing wage reductions and worsening conditions. As a heavily industrialised region, members of Unite’s legacy unions in the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside region were centrally involved. This short booklet tells the story of those momentous days. 

The Great Yarmouth Dockers

Click here to read the full booklet

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