Strikes, workplace organisation and much more

  1. Radical Aristocrats: London Busworkers from the 1880s to the 1980s
  2. From Bended Knee to a New Republic: How the Fight for Water is Changing Ireland
  3. Beyond Pulditch Gates – a novel on the building industry in Ireland
  4. Blacklisted – the Secret War between Big Business and Union Activists
     Author Q&A : Dave Smith
  5. Images Of The Past : The Miners’ Strike by Martin Jenkinson, Mark Harvey and Mark Metcalf

  6. The 1913 China Clay Strike by Nigel Costley
  7. the British Strike – Its Background, Its Lessons by William F Dunne
  8. The Dignity of Chartism by Dorothy Thompson, review by Tony Shaw
  9. the Labour International Handbook, edited by R Palme Dutt (1921)
  10. Mick Jenkins the General Strike of 1842
an introductory tribute by David Jenkins
Click here to read the whole book….


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